Christmas Cookie Cutter Trees
Revisions of the Christmas tree motif appear every holiday season.
However hackneyed I’m a sucker for the tree motif too: Just see here and here.
At its most graphic, the tree is as simple as a triangle.
Taking this triangle shape I created some kitch Christmas cookie cards. These give the receiver a festive card and a gift in the form of a – ‘very useful’ – six pointed star cutter.The star slips over the card holding it together and the tree is made from cookie inspired designs based on the Candy and Cookie Patterns from last year.

Making Process

  • Sourced some six pointed star cutters
  • Designed cards, tested models and created a template
  • Created a diagram on how to set up the tree

cookie cutter tree card templatecookie cutter diagram

  • The card shape was easy to cut, score and fold into 3 faces
  • Each folded cards was put in an envelope with a starry cutter for each friend

Three featured designs

The ‘Cookie Tree Card’ decorated with iced biscuits and Hundreds and Thousands.
The ‘Sweet Pine Needle Tree’ made from the ‘Sugar Strand’ pattern.
The ‘Icy Scene Card’ – iced biscuits, silver cake decorating balls and snow icing.
The front design is reflected inside each card with space to write a festive message.

sugar strand card frontsugar strand card Inside

cookie card frontcookie card insideiced scene card insideiced scene card front

Three Cookie TreesCookie Cutter Close Up