Dance! MIDI Disco Glitterball Robot. Dougie Scott

Robot gets grooving to MIDI music

Glitterball robot was the outcome of a course on simple circuits and electronics.
We were given a set of components, sourced from Genie, which produces electronic kits for school design and technology projects.
70's Music CentreFollowing diagrams, I soldered the electronic components, then programmed the circuit to play 3 mini MIDI sound files. A light sensor and push button controlled the sequence of ‘groovy’ sounds and flashing LED lights. I changed the original project casing from a guitar to a naff glitterball robot design. The robot was laser cut from mirrored and neon acrylic. His gappy teeth accommodate sensor and button.
Mirroring the 70’s – Childhood memories of disco fever, our MIDI ‘state of the art’ music centre and toy robots generated this disco glitterball robot.

Dance! MIDI Disco Glitterball Robot. Dougie ScottBattery Back Pack. Dance! MIDI Disco Glitterball Robot Dougie