Laser cut acrylic bluetooth speaker. Dougie Scott

Bluetooth’s Bendy Box

This Bluetooth Speaker’s design was an outcome of an electronics course, aimed at design and technology teaching.
We were given a kit of electronic parts to make-up a speaker set. I soldered the components together which was rewarding (though more of a technical exercise than something I understand). I linked my phone to the speakers: Amazing, It worked!
To house the delicate network of wires and components I created the green box.

Living Hinge Acrylic Test

I wanted to integrate perspex living hinges into my box design so tested for flexibility and strength with a test first. I drafted a vector design and cut out with a laser cutter. It’s made from a series of dumbbell shapes – my thought being that the stress when bent, would be more easily dissipated through the circle ends than if it was just cut lines. The film I hope bears this out. Green acrylic was the only colour available for the design – not a choice…

The living hinge concept was used to make the box, which essentially was, composed of only three pieces –

  • an oval interlocking top with dumbbell design being echoed through the speakers
  • an oval interlocking base
  • a long strip incorporating two living hinges and connecting with an interlocking joint. This strip was like a big elastic band holding the construction together.

It was a bit fiddly to assemble needing a couple of spacers and plastic weld inside, and electronics tidied up with velcro and mini screws. The good news: my Kids were impressed. The bad news: they have to listen to more of my music in the kitchen – Ha!

Laser cut acrylic bluetooth speaker detail. Dougie ScottLaser cut acrylic bluetooth speaker -  joint detail. Dougie ScottBluetooth speaker box – Laser cut perspex back. Dougie Scott