Gütermann sewing thread snow snowflake designs. Dougie Scott
It has been so mild I really have not been inclined to think of Christmas this year – including the making of cards. Then sewing one day, I found a snowflake hidden in a cotton reel: This was as close as I might come to snow this season. Given that snow is so rare, I thought it might be amusing to send the precious gift of a snowball, in a small ‘snow fake’ freezer bag, as a card for 2015.

Strung white snowball pom poms. Dougie Scott
Real pom pom snowballs

Snowball Cool Bag > Making

Silver material was reinforced with interfacing, cut into lengths and machine stitched.
The bag handle and top were cut.
The Snow Cool Bag sticker was applied.
A snowball // OK – a white pom pom and strung with silver wire to hang as a tree decoration // was put inside the thermal cool bag with a personal message.
Then it was sealed, stamped and posted.
Have a Cool Christmas.

Stitch + Cut Tests. Snow Cool Bag. Dougie ScottCutting Strips. Snow Cool Bag. Dougie ScottPom pom snowballs silver cool bags. Dougie ScottSnowball cool bag production line. Dougie ScottColdbag filled with snow pom pom. Dougie Scott