White Bike - Tower Bridge Road Junction.Flowers. Tower Bridge Road + Abbey Street Junction.

Improve the Junction

For all the years I have lived in SE1, and all of Dougie’s shorter life, the junction at Tower Bridge Road, Abbey Street and Long Lane, has had no safe pedestrian crossing.
Trying to get changes to a road encircling the Congestion Charging Zone has seemed impossible.
From the time of – just me – to buggies – double buggies – toddlers – tearaway children – scatty teenagers – and now dog – this busy junction has little concession for those on foot.

Naïvely I thought pedestrian access would be improved one day.
Abbey Street and Long Lane is the responsibility of Southwark Council, Tower Bridge Road ring road the responsibility of Boris/TFL.
As no major incident had occurred it was deemed fit for purpose. The flow of cars and lorries took precedence. Safety and quality of experience for locals and cyclists seemed irrelevant in the quest to get van from A to B in 5.3.
People complained on the SE1 website, signed petitions: There had been no deaths so it would not be touched. Then 3 years ago Ellie Carey, a 22 year old student on a bike, was killed by a lorry.
Finally, through tragedy, the lumbering process of change began. Promises, plans, revisions and compromises passed back and forth. A few minor changes have been made, including a vehicle left turn ban but essentially it remains the same, particularly for pedestrians.

Whether crossings and junction alterations would have changed what happened to Ellie, one can only speculate. Each time I see flowers tied to the railings I think of her life cut short, her family and friends. Traffic flow is still more important than soft object safety.
// Hoping to draw attention to this junction and road safety, particularly for cyclists and pedestrians //

Corrugated Cardboard Bike Test. Dougie ScottCard Bike Detail and Rings. Dougie ScottWhite Bicycle. Dougie Scott

White Bike

I made a bike from matt white perspex, after cardboard tests, on the laser cutter at the fab Fab Lab London.