Bah Humbug decoration hanging from tree. Dougie Scott

Packet of Cheer

Great as a stocking filler or to hang on the Christmas tree, this little package can bring joy to any Bah Humbug Misery.
Inside each humbug is a handful of traditional striped humbugs to suck and a free random, rolled-up smile. This should bring – at least an impression of – festive cheer.
Labels and reinforcements were cut from thick card on the Trotec laser cutter at Fab Lab London as a first personal project. The large paper humbug was designed and made up as a stripy pyramid to reflect the shape and look of a traditional humbug. These were sent out to friends and enemies for festive fun.

Bah Humbug Contents. Dougie ScottHumbug Packages. Dougie Scott Humbug Pyramid Packaging. Dougie Scott

Q: Whose Smiles Are These?

Bringing cheer to those Christmas grouches, here are just three of the smiles despatched with the humbugs. Roll over each smile to find out to whom they belong.

smile barack obama dougie scott
Answer - Democratic Smile. Dougie Scott
Sexy Smile. Dougie Scott
Answer - Sexy Smile. Dougie Scott
Metal Mouth - Bond Movie. Dougie ScottAnswer - Bond Movie Smile

Happy New Year Everyone