Collage Birds PatternTwo Birds in Peg NestBirds in Peg Nests

“Squirrels and cats must be chased: Birds only if there’s nothing else.” 〜 Dougie Scott

Decorative birds to cut out and slot together.

With a stack of card and a sharp scalpel we took the essence of bird and created pieces to slot together. Bird shapes were refined in Illustrator collaging masked images.
Three bird designs were realised: A robin type, a quietly colourful bird and a larger magpie or blackbird.

Easy to Make

  • Print and Cutout shapes
  • Wings fold and slot together and to the bird’s body
  • Eyes are a short section of old Cumberland pencil
  • Beaks are ink coloured pegs that hold onto the pencil eyes
  • No glue needed
  • Perch or make a mobile
  • Blackbird: Detail from Back Watch the Birdies - Peg and Paper Birds. Peg blackbird with gold. Dougie Scott

     Blackbird Body PatternBlackbird Wings PatternBlackbird with StoneBlackbird with Gold
    Perching out of Dougie’s reach they can safely tweet away.