Silver spoons made into coat hooks

We were pressurised by one teenager to have a house party………..

Poor Dougie Dog – He really was unsettled that night – though not as unsettled as we were the next morning! Even I underestimated the havoc a bunch of careless kids could do. So post clear-up it was a good opportunity to repaint and decorate some areas of the house.
The stairway leading to our basement kitchen was a starting point. Besides the usual painting and plastering I made a coat rack: There is never enough storage for all the coats and bags in this home.

Wooden spoon inset into MDFAssembled wooden and silver spoon coat rack

Coat Rack Recipe

Four old nickel silver spoons and a handful of wooden spoons made great hooks for a kitchen themed rack.
The base was made from 25mm offcut of MDF, cut to fit the stairwell wall.
Holes were drilled at 45° angle and the wooden spoons were driven into the base.
The base wood was primed and painted with Timeless Satinwood.
The silver spoons were annealed with a blow torch, to make them softer to work, and bent into shape using jeweller’s pliers.
Spoon bowls were flattened a little so they would be easier to screw into the MDF base.
They were finished with a good polish just before fixing.
The finished rack was fixed to the wall.
Now we just have to fill it up with stuff. Noooooo

Spoon coat hooks