navy robin bird seed card
A few days before Christmas we went to get a half price tree from B and Q.
Long gone.
Instead we came home with big kitchen sponges, lightbulbs and a big bag of seed for garden birds.
We decided on making some crafty seedy birdy cakes shaped from a star cookie cutter as a personal Christmas card this year. However after a couple of lame attempts we gave up. Could put failure down to caking problems and potential postal issues but apathy brought it to a sorry end.A later thought, sew paper robins: Each bird filled with seed would pour from the bird’s beak.
After some R+D the design was simplified to print as a fold over card.
This would speed up the making process, present a fun element to the card with the birdseed inside, and make it easy to send through the post – at least I hope they got there safely. (later – yes they did)

Christmas Robin Bird Seed Envelopes

  • Two collage robin designs with typed snow.
  • ‘Tear + Share’ corner can be ripped off so the seed can be poured out.
  • Corner is perforated for easier tearing.
  • On the reverse ‘Merry Christmas’ stamp in the style of an old British postage frank.
  • Postcard format on the reverse, there’s space for name, address and a brief festive greeting.
  • Stamp or sticker fastens the sheered back flap.

Hoping this was a fun sharing and caring card for friends of those hungry robins and wild birds.

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