Christmas baubles from the decoration box for the first twelve days of December.

Rollover a Bauble :: Find a festive motif

This was a bit of a challenge for a CSS doughnut like me, and any good geek worth his salt will know what a cobble it is. The basic code was from this tutorial for rollover images on WordPress – Thank you. The best thing is, there is another advent box to come and then it really, really will be nearly Christmas. Thank goodness I do not suffer the anguish of anticipation now I’m nearly grown-up!

On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas…

The next twelve days of Christmas Bauble Box Calendar: Part 2 can be found here.

one bauble redone polar bear
nine baublenine elf reveal
twelve baubletwelve cake reveal
five baublefive tree cookies
ten baubleten present reveal
three baublethree holly reveal
eight baubleeight snowflakes
two bauble orangetwo bells
seven bauble
seven cracker reveal
four baublefour canes reveal
eleven bauble
eleven snowman reveal
six baublesix robin reveal