Dougie’s grumpy because we are amusing ourselves taking the cat icons and developing them into some little ideas: Badges, logos or just for fun. The first couple of cute concepts – Feline fashions brings the Coco Cats chasing butterflies in homage to CHANEL and the inevitable cat mat for a mouse.


best poem

Maligned by secondary school teachers of English for it’s simplistic rhyme, an example of how not to write poetry ‘Best Poem’ is a vision of the verse without the need for all of it’s six words: If you’re really stuck it’s written at the end of the post.
Below is poor Kitty! Next to the mention or vision of ‘Squirrel’ no warm blooded creature is more emotive for Dougie than ‘Cat’. Surely lucky to survive all those scrapes and near misses, one day the cats’ number is finally up -and it’s number nine. Dougie feels three is more than enough.
dead cat


///The cat sat on the mat.///